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Premier product designer tool

Breakthrough solution for your print services store

How it work

Welcome to the creative land, you’ve come to the right place to take a further step in your printing service. Lumise offers you a complete solution for your online printing store. This premier tool gives you and your customer the freedom to customize and design any printable product.

Install Lumise

Effortlessly install Lumise with a few simple steps. Select from the Php or WordPress version to start

Design in Lumise editor

Simply drag and drop referring the whole process from picking your custom product to add designs

Completed order

Whenever your customers complete their order, you will immediately receive the file design via email

Support any kind of product

Freedom, Freedom and absolute Freedom which is the thing that most of our customers impress about Lumise. Literally, no limit for your imagination, you take the initiative in all works throughout the process. Lumise support any kind of product that’s printable, ranging from a casual product like t-shirt to a small convenient thing as a business card.

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Why choose Lumise plugin

Lumise is an easy and user-friendly platform that helps you to create an amazing store. Our easy-to-use editor allows you to create your custom product exactly the way you want, using a simple drag and drop method, and the best thing is no technical skills are required!

The file is ready to print

All file design will be export with 300 DPI and ready to print.

Free resource

Free resource +300 clipart and +30 template after purchase.

Free premium theme

Include free premium after buying Lumise plugin.

Support mobile and table

Users just design on their devices then place the order on your website.

Languages translation

Translate languages with API and support RTL languages.

Online resource

Online resource from Pixabay, Burst, Unsplash and social accounts.

800+ Google fonts

You can add custom font from Google fonts to your system.

Ulimited print methods

Fit with all methods of the print services industry in the worlds.

Priority support

Our support team working hard every day to maintain our good service. We got you cover, contact us anytime.

Ease to use

Friendly interface easy to install and use. Save time and money.

Onetime payment

The license is lifetime and lifeupdate. No costs incurred.

Always keep update

All file design will be export with 300 DPI and ready to print.

Integrates with your favorite tools and platforms

This Premier Product Designer plugin is 100% compatible across multiple platforms, including WordPress, Woo-commerce, PHP and Shopify.

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lumise product designer

Supports many different printing methods

Bring on-board all printing methods from DTG, screen printing, sublimation and embroidery with our product designer tool.

We have served 5000+ customers all around the globe

Established since 2017, Lumise offers more than just a trusted platform, we offer everything you need to create an effective and stable online business. Our team are working very hard each day, to making sure you and your customer get the most exclusive services.

Special Thanks to Lumise Developers. The available features are wonderful and so complete. The UI and UX is great. Easy to work in comparison with all editor plugins I tried. The addons even add much more nice features to the plugin itself. Im so happy with my purchase.
Main reason for rating "other" because it's 5 stars for everything! I looked for a long time for the absolute best product customizer for Wordpress, and BOY am I happy I found Lumise! Without exaggerating, it is very probably the best plugin I have encountered in my several years of designing websites. This thing is absolutely amazing, and works absolutely flawlessly. Oh and the customer support is just as good as the plugin. Thanks Anthony and Laura and the Lumise team! You are awesome. Rock on!
I purchased this plugin after disastrous experiences with others like it. During the installation there were small incompatibility problems due to my server that the technical staff promptly resolved (although perhaps it was not their responsibility) what to say, exceptional availability, five-star technical support, five-star professionalism. Great keep it up, for those of us who do this job we know how seriousness and assistance come before anything else!
Great support and very fast responses, i cant explain how best they are from my experience on this site.. they are best friendly and Quick fix if i made mistakes ,, they guide you in details ... i will recommend everyone starting a business should use Lumise. thanks once again for you support ...
Awesome team and very professional quick support. I thank you all so much for all the effort. 10/10 product designer in all design, ease of use, customer support , customization and flexibility. I recommend this designer to all my fellow businesses.
This was exactly the type of component I was looking for, for my custom clothing website. The support staff are fast and friendly. Thank you so much for your amazing Work.
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